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Aftershock Watersports is proud to offer all of our customers the clarity they deserve when renting. When it comes to maintenance and upkeep, don't stand for second rate rentals when you can get something that's high quality and well maintained! We're happy to accommodate all sorts of requests and handle a variety of order types. Call or book today and check out all we have to offer. 


910 Coppermine Rd. Page, AZ 86040

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Boat Rental Process

  • Book Online, by phone, or in person (only pay half down).
  • Fill out all rental forms online.
  • Free delivery to Lake Powell launch ramp!
  • Spend all day on Lake Powell
  • We pick up at the launch ramp!

Watersport Add-ons:

  • Wakeboard (w/ rope & flag)
  • Wake Surfboard (w/ rope & flag)
  • Water Ski (w/ rope & flag)
  • Kids Water Ski (w/ rope & flag)
  • Slalom Water Ski (w/ rope & flag)
  • Rope & Flag ( Pulling Kit)
  • Tube (one or two person w/ rope and flag)
  • Three Person Tube (w/ rope and flag)

Drop-off / Launch & Pick-up /Retrieval Times:

Our standard drop-off /Launch time is 8:00 AM

Our standard Pick-up / Retrieval time is 5:00 PM


Guests should be aware that we run on ARIZONA time. Areas of Lake Powell are in Utah as well and it's a different time zone (can be a difference of an hour with daylight savings).
With water levels low at Lake Powell there is 1 ramp currently running for launching boats, due
to this there may be higher than normal wait times.
Please be advised to watch for inclement weather. We may cancel boat rentals due to unsafe conditions.
Customers should be aware that there are areas with limited to no cell phone services on the Lake. If you need assistance and have no service, flag down another boat and ask them to call.
Early returns are NOT subject to refunds.
Please call our office with any questions.

Contact us


Address: 910 Coppermine Rd. Page, AZ 86040


Phone: (928) 660 - 0395

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